The sprayer works on pressurized air which is forced into a brass pumping unit, the liquid is then released through a spray gun via a nozzle which facilitates the dispersion of the liquid. It is equipped with a start-up lever, filter with brass net, large oval cap, a set of nozzles, a shoulder pad and has a capacity of 15 liters. This copper sprayer is handmade by craftsmen, therefore there may be small differences in finish.


Copper, this malleable elemental metal can be moulded into complex shapes without any cracking. It is the main raw material with which these sprayers are built. It is 99% pure, infinitely recyclable and does not rust. In biodynamic agriculture its properties are found to promote growth and nutrient uptake and allows an improvement in the quality and yield of field fruits. Sile


Made in Italy

The distribution of 500 horn manure, 501 horn silica, tisane and other prepares requires different kinds of nozzles, our sprayer has a complete set of nozzles (art. 302 – 305 -307) + 1 rubber plunger as a spare part.
The spray lance has a switch handle in copper and brass and the cartridge inside the filter in brass, the extension is in copper and brass. nozzle


Biodynamic agricolture only

Only sprayers specific to the use of biodynamic spray solutions should be used and for no other purpose. Any added chemicals could reverse the benefits of whole process. The sprayer must not come in contact with acids such as fruit, uric etc. as an acidic environment causes toxic verdigris.

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Biodynamic food

The ultimate goal of biodynamic agriculture is to provide food for humanity, taking care of the earth mankind and vice versa. The beginning and end of the day are a special time to be in a vineyard or in an orchard. The action of walking whilst spraying brings a physical connection with the soil and the vines or plants or vegetables, the calmness and peace allows for a profound awareness of the natural world. It is humbling to imagine those feelings being multiplied across the planet each and every day.



Copper tools

A biodynamic farm is a living organism, it should be able to create and maintain everything needed to stay healthy and fruitful, in short an alternative agriculture that does not include chemicals. It is a living organism guided by ecological, ethical and holistic principles. It can be considered a closed-loop ecosystem and not just land that produces food. Farmers work hard to bring together all elements of their farms: crops, livestock, compost, soil into perfect harmony, They are in tune with the rhythm of nature such as phases of the moon. Biodynamic wine is perhaps the most well-known and most commercialized product.



According to Steiner, the ideal material for a dynamizer would be glass, however copper is equally as good as it is a pure metal.
Our dynamizers are made purely of copper and come with an external support stand in order to maintain a firm and stable position off the ground. The base is rounded not flat and respects the specific ratio of height, width and radius to allow the formation of a so-called vortex.
(Steiner called this a "whirlpool" given by the continuous upward movement of water on the walls, now commonly known as a vortex).

Pour warm water, at an ideal temperature of 37 degrees, (human body temperature) into the container. Add the preparation with your hands or with a spatula then begin to rotate the water in one direction. Once the form of a vortex has been created, reverse the direction of rotation creating a strong movement of the solution. This operation makes the water live and oxygenates the preparation.
Once the whole operation has been completed, the solution MUST be distributed over the soil within an hour, in order to maintain all its valuable natural properties.

Dosage - 30 litres of the solution per half hectare of land



Rudolf Steiner in June 1924 held an “Agriculture Course” which has formed the basis of the biodynamic method. He understood in advance the problems that chemicals could produce and that now we are experiencing: in the quality of soil, health of animals and the subsequent devitalization of food. Biodynamic agriculture is less evident than it seems, its diffusion is not homogeneous though interest is increasing year by year. The detractors consider it unscientific, based on untested beliefs and superstitions, but it is something more complex: it concerns the rotation of crops, seeds, fertilization of the soil and its quality


Apparently to talk about copper sprayers means to refer to a world which has disappeared, the world of the traditional agriculture, where farmers worked using their knowledges and traditions developed over centuries. Between the 1950’ and 60’s a revolution began in this sector, farming had become more scientific and concepts cherished for generations were being abandoned, there were signs, too, that the small farmer was on the way out, a hold hand versed in all aspects of agricultural core.

Now we are living through the consequences of this development: decreasing pollution caused by chemical products, the deceasing population of bees and butterflies, new parasites coming from other parts of the world which damage cultivation and the progressive sterilization of soil in large areas.

To solve these problems some want to use more chemicals, new OGM seeds and new technologies. Other farmers have a completely different solution, organic and bio-dynamic agriculture, far less invasive and in relationship with the universe.

The concept of bio-dynamic agriculture was born in 1924 with a series of lectures by Rudolf Steiner. He believed agriculture is intertwined with the earth’s rhythms. BD preparations are compositions of part herbal and part animal origins and farms are a closed-cycle organism until they evolve into a real individual entity using techniques and natural substances from within..

How is our company related to BD agriculture? We manufacture copper sprayers, an essential tool in this sector. It is important to remember that in Italy up to the 1970’s there was an important production of copper sprayers which was gradually replaced by other kind of sprayers normally in plastic. Our Company however is one of the few that have maintained and saved traditional methods .

These sprayers continue to be handcrafted which requires specific professional knowledge. The company founder, M. Vincenzo Biscoe, worked in this particular sector, since before the II World War and he taught to his son how to manufacture these sprayers paying particular attention to quality.

Copper is an extraordinary metal, which allows a long working life. it is pure at 99% and is possible to see any chemical reactions upon the contact of any products used with it. It is fully-recyclable,extremely hard-wearing weather resistant.

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